The Tandem Jump is the most sought after adventure experience in Portugal and is a unique and fantastic experience, full of unforgettable moments.
The Tandem Jump has approximately 20 to 65 seconds (depending on the altitutde) in free fall, after opening the parachute the continuous experience through the skies of Alentejo for another 5 to 7 minutes.

Participants should have time for this activity and should know that the time designated in the reservation corresponds to the time of arrival at the Aerodrome, and that the activity may last for an average of 2 hours (the estimated time may vary depending on several conditions, such as: atmospheric conditions, availability of instructors, used aircraft, among others).

• Rest well the night before the tandem jump.
• You must bring your ID.
• At the Aerodrome question security about our location (1st Hangar).